Student Events

Scale Olympics

Saturday, October 15, 2022 Times Vary

Otterbein College

Fee:  $35.00

CEOMTA is delighted to be able to offer nine events:  Scales, Cadences, Arpeggios, Triads, Harmonization, Transposition, Sight Reading, Theory, and Ear Training.  Each event is offered at eight levels of difficulty as well as a preparatory level for young beginners.   Students are awarded ribbons, based on points, for every event entered.  Students entering all nine events have the opportunity to receive one of the two top ribbon awards.  The Blue Rosette is awarded to students receiving Blue Ribbons in all nine events; the Yellow Rosette is awarded to students with 117 or more points and no more than two red ribbons. Students entering fewer events or earning fewer than 117 points will receive individual ribbons for each event entered.  The individual ribbons will only go to students who do not enter all nine events or who do not receive a Rosette.

Atkinson Piano Studio Holiday Recital

Sunday, December 11, 2022 1:00 - 3:00 PM
Graves Piano & Organ Company
Fee:  Free

Students perform two or more memorized pieces. One of the pieces may be a Holiday selection

National Federation

Saturday, March 2023 Times Vary
Otterbein University & Capital University
Fee:  $17.00 per event per student

For the Federation Festival, each student prepares two pieces to play for a panel of between one and three judges. One piece must be chosen from a graded repertoire list whose borders between levels overlap a bit. The second piece may be the student's choice, but must be by a different composer and on a comparable level with the required piece. Students do not compete against each other; rather they are judged on a five-tiered scale, with the following ratings: Superior, Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.

Notice that the emphasis in these ratings accentuates the positive. "Superior" does not connote "amazing technical virtuosity" as much as it means that the performance was accurate in terms of notes, rhythms and style - in short, that the student has mastered the music well when considering the student's age and the difficulty of the pieces.

Judges fill out a form for each student which has sections for all aspects of performance, including accuracy, technique, musicianship and poise. Judges are instructed to make constructive comments - positive and negative. In fact, if a student receives less than a superior mark the judge must explain why. If the judges give a student different ratings, the student will be awarded the higher rating if the ratings are adjacent or the average if the ratings differ by two levels.

Students receive points for the ratings they receive, and their records are kept on file by the local festival chair. As the students accumulate points each year, they can receive gold cups for each event in which they have participated if their teacher is enrolled in the gold cup program. Students receive their first gold cup after earning 15 points. A Superior rating is 5 points, so it takes at least 3 years to earn the first gold cup.

Students also take a written theory exam and receive a score. They can receive a gold cup trophy in this event also after earning 15 points.

National Guild

April - May 2023 Dates & Times to be determined
Graves Piano & Organ Company
Fee:  Varies according to level & program ($33.00 - $40.00 per student)

The primary function of the National Guild is to establish definite goals and awards in noncompetitive auditions for students of all levels, from the earliest beginner to the gifted prodigy. With the exception of our "special" programs, teachers have the flexibility to choose all repertoire for student auditions. Students are judged on individual merit, by a well-qualified music professional, in the areas of accuracy, continuity, phrasing, pedaling, dynamics, rhythm, tempo, tone, interpretation, style, and technique. Our purpose is to encourage growth and enjoyment through the study of piano.

Atkinson Piano Studio Spring - TBD 
Graves Piano & Organ Company
Fee:  Free

Students perform two or more pieces.