Studio Policy


All students enrolled in lessons at The Atkinson Piano Studio are offered a well-rounded program of instruction with training in repertoire, theory, musicianship, ear training, technique, transposition, music history, and performance techniques.


Please call the studio at 614-485-9448 or email to schedule a free, no obligation interview.  I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you and your child and discuss the questions or ideas you may have concerning piano study, and how I can help you accomplish your goals.


Please be certain your piano is tuned and in good condition.  It is very difficult to enjoy playing on an out of tune instrument.  It is also difficult to develop strong listening and pedaling skills on a poor instrument. Putting off tuning is not cost effective.  A piano which is very out of tune will most likely require several tunings over a period of weeks or months to bring it back to pitch.


3-ring binder 1 1/2"

Dividers for notebook

Lesson books

Theory books

Technique book ($25.00)

(Materials may be purchased from the studio)

Lesson Fees & Payment

Lesson fees are 45 minutes at $48.00 per lesson or 1 hour at $64.00 per lesson. To reserve your lesson time, payment is due the first lesson of every month for all lessons of the month.  Please check your calendar for months with five weeks.  Make checks payable to: 

Lizbeth Atkinson or The Atkinson Piano Studio.  Payments made after the 8th of the month will be assessed a $15.00 service fee, and will be reflected in your monthly statement.  If your payment is more than two weeks late, your lesson time will be given to another student.  Should you not attend the first lesson of any month, payment must be remitted by mail and received by the 8th.

Attendance & Absences

Please make sure your child arrives punctually with music, assignment book and any other relevant materials.  Kindly drop off and pick up on time please. Anything more than 5 minutes early or late is too much unless there is a special need, as it is very distracting for students whose lesson is in progress. Also, a parent is required to come directly to the studio to drop off and pick up the student.  Students may not leave the studio unaccompanied!  This is for the safety of each student.

If the student is sick or for some other reason cannot attend the regularly scheduled lesson, the student either forfeits the lesson time, swaps with another student for the week, or reschedules the lesson through the website. You may also choose to do a zoom lesson if the student is feeling well enough.  It is your responsibility to cancel and reschedule the lesson. Please do not email the studio to cancel or reschedule a lesson. Instead, go to the studio website. Then, login and cancel your lesson. The website will email the studio. You will then be able to choose an available lesson time. If a lesson time is not available to fit your schedule, please continue to check back until one becomes available to fit your needs. If you swap lesson times with another student, please notify the studio by email.

You may NOT deduct lesson fees from your monthly payment should you cancel or not attend a lesson.  No reimbursement for missed lessons will be given.

If the studio is closed or I am unable to attend a lesson you will not be charged and a credit will be given if the lesson has already been paid.  

In case of severe weather conditions when it is too dangerous to drive, we will try to arrange another time or a zoom lesson can be given. 

Should the student decide to terminate lessons, the student either forfeits the remaining lessons for the month, gifts them to another family member, or continues the lessons for the remainder of the month.  A two week notice is required so that the time slot is filled without interruption.

Please check the website and email for holidays and vacations in which lessons will not be held.

Should you celebrate any religious holidays that happen to fall on your lesson day that are not addressed in an email, you may swap lesson days with another student.  

Tardy Students

If you are late for your lesson, you will have only the time remaining that you have reserved by your payments. Lessons are scheduled back to back, and it would be unfair to make students who are on time to wait.

Student Hygiene

Student hygiene is a sensitive yet necessary issue to discuss. Please do not be offended, as this is a typical issue that many piano teachers encounter and there isn't an easy way to address such. Since I am closely working with your child and other students in close quarters, I'd ask that they make sure to do a "quick sniff check"  ; ) of their socks and body odor, prior to entering their lesson. I realize many of the children are growing up, participating in physical activities, and may be unable to return home to change/bathe prior to their lessons. A solution to "smelly sock/feet" and or "underarm B.O.", would be to insert a pair of clean "piano socks" which can be kept in their piano bag throughout the year. Also, a deodorant stick in the car glove compartment for a quick "pit swipe", prior to entering their lessons, will make it a pleasant experience for all. Thank you for your consideration of the teacher and other students.


The goal of this studio is to provide a well-balanced musical education to all students. In order to accomplish this, I have set down specific policies. Studying music can be enjoyable and rewarding as well as becoming a skill that can last a lifetime, but it takes commitment from the parents, as well as the teacher and student.  This commitment is necessary to the success of the student.

The student-parent-teacher Team

It is very important to create and maintain a "one team, one dream" attitude in order for our piano lessons to be successful, to guarantee a superior result, and great return on your investment.  Our practice starts with forming a three member team where each player knows his/her role and responsibilities, and equally contributes to the success of the team. Only combined efforts of a student-parent-teacher team will produce great results.  

Teacher's Responsibilities

1.  Develop in students an enthusiasm, respect and genuine love for music.
2.  Provide high quality, well-prepared lessons and a positive learning environment.
3.  Discover the uniqueness of each student and respect differences of musical taste and personality.
4.  Help students know how to practice.
5.  Encourage and motivate students to practice.
6.  Demonstrate a love of music.
7.  Respect students' opinions and value their creativity.
8.  Create a studio atmosphere where students are free to feel comfortable and confident, able to recognize both the seriousness and fun of study.
9.  Encourage communication between student, parent and teacher, answer questions, help solve problems.

Student's Responsibilities

1.  Arriving at each lesson with the week's assignment completed.
2.  Bringing assignment notebooks, theory binders, and music books to each lesson.
3.  Practice a minimum of five days a week for the length of time necessary to meet the goal.
4.  Follow directions in class and at home.
5.  Ask questions when you don't understand.
6.  Keep a positive attitude.
7.  Respond cheerfully to parents' reminders; remember they are helping you to be successful!
8.  Arrive at lessons on time with all materials in hand. Late time is lost time.
9.  Set aside the same time each day to practice and stick with it.
10. Relax and have fun learning a new skill and a new expression!

Parent's Responsibilities

1.  Provide a tuned instrument, in a well-lighted area as free from distractions as possible.
2.  Pay for lessons the first lesson of each month.
3.  Encourage good practice habits.  Provide daily praise and encouragement.  A set time each day works well.  Younger students should have daily practicing supervised if possible.
4.  Remind students to practice 5 days per week.
5.  You are welcome to visit lessons occasionally if the student does not object, but please do not bring other children along.
6.  Check to see that instructions are being followed and assignments completed.
7.  Let the teacher know how things are going at home, relay concerns, and ask any questions needed.
8.  Talk to me about any questions you or your child may have.  Communication is important to a good learning relationship.  

Summer Study

I offer summer study because I feel that continuous study offers the most benefit to your child. The summer months offer more time for practice without the worry of homework and other school activities. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to continue lessons during the summer months. During June, July and August, I offer to deduct for lessons in which the student will be away for vacation. If a student is away for six or more lessons during the summer, I cannot reserve a lesson time for the fall.  


Regrettably, I will have to dismiss a student if any of these circumstances occur:

1.  Failure to pay tuition on time
2.  Persistent absences
3.  Uncooperative attitude
4.  Lack of progress due to insufficient practice or unfulfilled requirements


Recitals are scheduled twice per year.  All students are encouraged to participate.  Dates, times, and places will be posted on the website.


Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to teach your child in my studio!  I look forward to sharing the joy of music!