A simply wonderful piano teacher.  We could not have hoped for a more inspirational and creative teacher for our two children over the past year. They have both learned to love playing the piano and to enjoy learning in a structured way.  100% recommended.

Sam Barrett
Chairman of the Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you're doing with Calvin and Simone and all of the other kids in your program. We talked about the recital for days afterwards and we watched the entire video twice. You are cultivating some seriously talented young musicians and it's interesting to see the younger kids showing such future potential. I was having flashbacks to my old recital days! There's nothing like watching a nervous little kid walk up to the piano and then transforms into a confident musician as soon as they start playing! Brooke and I are just glad we stumbled into your program.


Thank you for the photo and video of Alaina's performance.  Colin and I are so happy to have you teaching Alaina.  Her whole approach has changed and she is really enjoying playing and practicing.  We have seen her grow much quicker and more completely than she did with her previous teacher.  Thank you.


Anton and I both greatly appreciate your love and care for Anton, and his piano progress. He does love music.  Thanks to you, he loves piano, and moves along  well. I am sure Anton will enjoy seeing his composition in the published form, and the fact that you worked on it and recorded it will inspire him for the future compositions. I believe it is also a great idea to video record kid's final versions of their pieces performed. This gives kids the sense of accomplishment, and desire to do more and better. I am quite impressed by all of the methods you use to help kids with piano progress, and simply with your love for our kids.